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Zhangjiagang Shepherd Clothing Co., Ltd. Supplier Conference

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The development of the shepherd in recent years has grown from a startup with only a few dozen employees to nearly 600 employees today. We deeply know that every step of the shepherd’s growth is closely supported and closely coordinated with the manufacturers. Inseparable, a good supplier channel is an important external resource for enterprise development, a cornerstone for enterprise survival, and an important promoter of enterprise progress and growth. Enterprises and suppliers are interdependent, and they participate in market competition and win customer trust. Partners, although suppliers and customers are different stakeholders, there are negotiations and disputes in the process of cooperation, but the ultimate interests and final pursuit of everyone is the same, that is, customer satisfaction.
The world today is no longer the competition between individual enterprises, but the competition between the ecological chains. We need to take advantage of our respective professional division of labor and achieve complementary advantages with better products, excellent services and honest cooperation. Cooperation and win-win situation. Only by expanding and strengthening a common platform for career development can we grow and develop in our own exclusive fields.
The development of shepherds is inseparable from everyone's support. The convening of the supplier conference is to hope to communicate with suppliers and communicate more. The shepherds are constantly developing, standardizing, and gradually improving the company's processes and completing the implementation and use of ERP. It requires the active cooperation of suppliers.
The success of this supplier conference has made shepherds more determined and supportive on the road of rapid development.